Do you have what it takes to be a corporate boss? Meaning that you can maintain a company without losing it! Made during the 48h jam "Different Colors Game Jam".

If you don't fully understand how to score points here are some hints:
Puzzel 1: Read the description and figure if it's a good or bad employee.
Puzzel 2: Remember, if not, try restart and try again. Some names has references from TV-shows.
Puzzel 3: You have to 'listen' and answer each employee with the correct answer. 
Puzzel 4: Make as many pie charts you can, only the good once of course.

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LOL! Fun.

kind of fun

Thanks, guess next time a little big more content would be good. 

I have an idea. 

I think this theme and mechanic  is  good for a physical card game.